Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pay Per Post

As you probably already noticed, I am registered with payperpost. This morning I received an e-mail, which stated that my blog has been approved!

There are so many opportunities at payperpost that I don't even know where to start, and the best thing about it is that I have to write about something (something like a review from what I understand) to get money. Well freelancing couldn't get better, now I have a new drive to blog!

A very good thing about payperpost is that the requirements are not impossible, all you need is a blog older than 90 days with easily accessible Archives. I found Pay Per Post while searching Google, for something new. In particular I was interested in earning money, as since I moved back to Europe every country I go to, does not allow me to work!

I could always do with some extra pennies, especially when I spend so much money on envelopes, paper and stamps, writing to editors and agents in the UK, in my hopeful attempt at getting published.

I know what I am going to do with all the money I'll earn... I am going to spend it all, on those useless, but pretty little things. Depending on how much I will earn (obviously)! If my earnings will reach the $100 mark, I'll finally be able to X-mas presents this year without asking for money from my husband!

We'll see. I am being very hopeful and optimistic. I am not a giver upper, that is one of the reasons why I am typing this, with a cigarette in my hand! I don't give up!

So look out world here comes a new and refreshed blogger, who is going to finally try and earn from blogging!

All thanks to payperpost...

And just for the record, the best thing about Pay Per Post is that YOU can choose what you're going to advertise, so if something doesn't go quite right with your principles you simply don't touch it! I am mentioning this, because couple of days ago I was browsing through my blog and noticed, right under my anti-fox hunting (and other animal abuse) article, Google adsense ads were promoting companies selling fur!
I was annoyed about that, and now I am very glad to be able to choose!

Just please remember, this post was written in all honesty, just because I am getting paid it doesn't mean I am going to become a liar! Have a nice day, as mine is really going to be just that!


Richard said...

I shall be interested to know what your experience with this is. There is no question that all of us would prefer to make a little money from our blogging efforts (even if "officially" we blog out of love and not financial gain).

I have avoided putting adsense on my blog because I don't want to seem to be financially crass (I mean, I don't pay to use Blogger. It might be different if I was paying for the website and wanted to offset the cost).

carra said...

Richard, I will definitely post about my experience with pay per post, once I have some. So far I have one complaint... I had to change my template so that the archives may be easier to access to get my blog approved. Anyway I might give up at the end who knows.
As for adsense I can see your point, I try to make the ads as little annoying as possible, but at the end of the day I haven't earned a life changing sum either!

Richard said...

Another blogger went teh sponsored post link and she has started posting very commercial type posts(about buying ink and toner, or lamps, or even the importance of travel insurance) - of course, she includes links.

I wonder if that will happen to you?

carra said...

Richard, the chances of that happening to me are pretty remote, because I am very, very picky. Apart from taking up pay per post ads I haven't found anything, that I believe to be appropriate to advertise on my blog. If I don't get anything out of it so be it, I am not going to pretend to be interested in something I am not, I am too honest for that! I know it sounds ridiculous in a way but that's how it is. If I removed all the ads today, it would not bother me, in just over a year of having adsense account I earned 12 US dollar, that is not a life changing sum is it?

jayant said...

Wow!Now you've answered me.I mean..I was off blogger for some time and when I came back today,I've been reading and commenting on your each and every post,all the while wondering,"what's wrong with her?So many posts?" :P
Though I'd also like to join the bandwagon of payperpost,I dont know much about it,may be you could help.
my e mail id is jayant.arianster@gmail.com
or,better still,you can get to me via orkut,the link of my profile being http://www.orkut.com/Profile.aspx?uid=9873486566712087515

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