Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Desktop Meme

I was tagged by the naughty B to do this desktop meme.
Well the picture above will simply show you, how vain I am.
I have my own article as my wallpaper and I keep reading it over and over! Normally I change my wallpaper weekly but, well I'm just very, very happy right now :)


b said...

Naughty B, eh?! :) Haha. I love that your desktop is your published article. There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling proud about your work! You deserve to be happy and enjoy this accomplishment fully!

Richard said...

I am with breal on this, there is nothing wrong with prominently displaying your achievements right in front of you. But it seems a bit odd. Your profile says you are in Spain, but the article looks like it is written in Lithuanian (but I may be wrong, given that I am basing my conclusion not on knowledge of the language, but rather the shape of the words).

I wish I had a published article :(

carra said...

Richard, you're right the article was written in Lithuanian. It also was published in Lithuanian newspaper, specialising in ecology etc. I am in Spain, but my writing seems to be published far away from me!

Everyone who really wants to will get published, it takes a lot of time and even more effort, but once you get there! What a joy is that, and it wouldn't happen if it didn't take so much to get it published in the first place...

Richard said...

Ha! You are quick to reply to comments.

As I was scrolling through your blog, I noticed the 04-October-2007 post mentions the article and that it is in Lithuanian (now I feel foolish for not reading more of your blog first before commenting). On the other hand, I am happy to know I recognized the language by its shape.

I must compliment you on your English, it is very good. No doubt, you are multilingual.

carra said...

B, of course you're naughty! Every time you do a meme I am in the list... Not that I am complaining, I suppose I should have used the term coquine (meaning naughty but cute, if I spelled it correctly!) but well I don't want to make myself look silly by attempting to spell in French!!! I am very happy and I am going to stay this way for some time :)

carra said...

Richard I am simply a very bad housewife, who spends most of her day in front of the computer! This is probably the first time I managed to reply to a comment so fast!
Yes I am multilingual I mentioned the whole thing in my old post "the language issue" (http://carrasdream.blogspot.com/2006/05/language-issue.html) where I expressed not only my achievements but also my disadvantages. I must admit I am very impressed that you actually knew that such language as Lithuanian existed, as when I tell people where I come from they simply don't know and think I am Russian!

Richard said...

I originally thoguth the article was in Finnish or Norwegian, but closer examination showed it was not. Then I paid attention to the diacritical marks and decided on Lithuanian (of course, I could have thought Latvian, but that did not occur to me at the moment).

I have no idea what Lithuanian sounds like, so I cannot say I would confuse you with a Russian. I am pretty good at recognizing Slavic languages (my ancestry is Polish, though I lost the ability to speak it years ago). Russian is easy to identify, it always sounds like it is badly spoken.

Marrying an English speaker is a good way to learn teh language. Sofia (my wife) learned English from me (we used to communicate in French - she is from Peru). She still has not gotten used to my "acid" humour.

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