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Tara Kane by George Markstein

Category: Fiction

Paperback: 572 pages

Publisher: House of Stratus; New Ed edition (31 July 2001)

Language: English

Yesterday I finished reading this lovely novel called Tara Kane by George Markstein. This book was probably the best read I had this year. Not because other books weren't good, but because this one was so involving, fast paced and of course with an unexpected ending. I couldn't put it down and it seems like I wasn't the only one (Have a look at Amazon UK reviews).

I bought this book only on Saturday myself in Cadiar, a town nearby, while visiting one of those chaotic and charming bars, where you can find everything and anything...

Back to the book. The novel is written by a British author and even though it wasn't as rich in climate and area descriptions or as comical, as Jack London's Smoke Bellew the character's were described very well and their personalities were painted in true colours. Once you were introduced to them you didn't forget their names, nor who they were (unlike with my beloved Russian Masters...).

Tara Kane, seems to be a normal end of the 19th century woman. Her husband went of to find his lump of gold during the gold rush, while she was pregnant, but unfortunately she looses her first and only child nine months later to meningitis.

That is when she decides to go and try to find her husband in Skagway, at least that's where she believes her husband Daniel Kane is. She bravely embarks into this extraordinary adventure and slowly but surely she finds her true self, via search of her husband.

Not to spoil the story for the ones who haven't read it yet, I will tell you just a little bit more.

She meets all sorts of people across the cold and enormous Klondyke, she realises her own strength, and two other characters that the reader will continue seeing in the story until the end are Ernst Hart and Jefferson (Soapy) Smith.

The ending is completely unexpected, just when you feel like giving up, you know you can't put the book down, and most of all (in my eyes only) you learn a lot from this story.

Lesson number one: Nothing is what it appears to be.
Lesson number two: You don't know who you are, until you challenge yourself.
Lesson number three: Open your eyes and see what true love and passion are.

Unfortunately this story never received any prizes that I know of, and before last Saturday I never heard of the author before, but believe me even though it is not the most thought provoking book in the world, and you won't have to re-read the lines twice, you will enjoy the story and if you are female by any chance, you will enjoy it probably even more. It did appeal to me a lot as a woman and I grew to admire Tara Kane with every chapter.

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Tara Kane had never got over the sudden disappearance of her husband and so resolves to track him down. Leaving the comforts and safety of her San Francisco home, her quest takes her to the icy wilderness of Klondike during the Gold Rush. But she finds Klondike is no place for a lone woman, and the harsh conditions and savagery are almost more than she can bear. Determined to find the truth once and for all, Tara battles on, and finds herself on a painful journey of self-discovery.

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