Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mother Europe brace yourself!

It seems like Europe will have a president after all.. Guess who is the no 1 candidate? The world's long lost friend Tony, the same guy who while in the same boat with George started a pointless war in Iraq, then got his arse out before shit hit the fan and because the peace envoy to the Middle East!
Honestly sometimes I just can't work out how these things happen. But then I am just a plain boring 2nd class citizen, a peasant, cannon fodder, whose voice along with so many million others will never be heard.
I am not sure if I want to live long enough to watch this dictatorship unfold.


Richard said...

He was an eloquent speaker who, unfortunately, used his skills to pursue ideology (and I still don't know what Britain got out of it - aside from going in to leave things in greater disarray than when they formed the state of Iraq) instead of truth and justice.

CG said...

Yes you are right, unfortunately it seems that Mr Blair is not going anywhere yet and that is really depressing.

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