Thursday, October 15, 2009

Getting organised

At the moment I am doing an online course with email college about becoming organised. I have already completed a few courses with them and am very happy so I will continue. Anyway, making lists was never my forte but I am trying. This is the list of things I want to do before I am 30:

1. Pay all debts (I have almost £3 000 worth of debts - oh dear)
2. Lose 15 kilos (this is not sincere)
3. Improve my German
4. Live in Cambridgeshire
5. Grow my own vegetables
6. Grow my own herbs
7. Earn £2 000 a month
8. Get a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Business English
9. Get masters in English language and literature
10. Have £ 5 000 of savings (could be in any shape even gold would be fine :))
11. Own a decent car (preferably a hybrid that is no more than 3 years old, the newer the better, however the vehicle must be purchased with no loans or debts)
12. Write a book (that means learning to deal with my fear of screwing up)
13. Get published in an English newspaper
14. Get into the Ecologist
15. Read 100 books in a year (so far this one seems the easiest to do)
16. Improve my Russian
17. Learn Italian
18. Improve my Spanish
19. Find my very own writing spot (this could be anywhere, and I know this is very obscure, but it is my list and I do what I want)
20. Learn to sew with a sewing machine (so I can supply myself with plenty of 50s dresses and skirts)
21. Knit a blanket
22. Knit scarves, hats and jumpers for people as X-mas presents (I love knitting but I have no tools or time, which is a lie, I have the time, but no willpower to do it)
23. Have my own library (this one is obscure it does not mean a million books a suitcase full of amazing literary masterpieces would be enough)
24. Convert my wardrobe into three/four colour wardrobe (so I never have a problem of coordinating things again!)
25. Learn to live as clutter free as humanly possible.

I do not think this is unrealistic as I am only 24 so I still have a bit of time. While I am at this I would like to appeal to anybody who may be living in the UK and have books in German, Spanish or Russian lying around. If so maybe you would like to swap or just donate it as long as I cover the postage? Please get in touch!


Richard said...

I think it is a very good and very realistic list. Bravo!

I am horrible at being organized. My main problem is that I have no sense of urgency, things can be done tomorrow. I am also on the messy / clutered side. One of the interesting things to come from moving to Madrid is that I have been mostly stuff free for more than two months (the movers packed everything beginning of August, we recieved our stuff in early September and most of it is still packed - I only dug out the desktop 10-11 days ago). Of course, this is not sustainable, Sofia is unhappy about the boxes and I have to do more than go for long walks. I can't deny fear of being sucked back into old habits, which is why I am postponing unapacking - I want to make sure the new habits are well ingrained.

CG said...

Thank you Richard. I don't think I am very good at organising, but I keep setting some targets for myself and then try to achieve them one by one. I normally tend to work my way from the middle and mess around but I get there somehow.
I think you will get there eventually wit the unpacking. You are one of those people who think and then think a bit more, but get there anyway, at least that is the impression I have...

Richard said...

The thinking part and then thinking some more ... yeah. The actually getting there ... hmmm ...

CG said...

I know that part far too well!

Richard said...

I signed up for some of the courses. A bit annoying that you actually have to wait for the e-mails. Most places that offer "free" courses, usually just link tot he requisite page on the website (which allows me to do the whole course in one sitting - which, maybe, defeats the purpose).

The other thing that annoyed me was that I had registered for two, but the subject header doesn't indicate which course is which, you have tyo open the e-mail to find that out.

I wonder what exactly there are shilling?

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