Monday, September 21, 2009

what would you do?

if you had everything you wanted would you want more?

i don't have everything i want but i have everything i need, plenty of love, air to breath, roof over my head and food to eat. human beings don't really need much more than that. but let's not get too existential. the date has been set. it is all just a question of time. there are three priorities left. only three and they are getting out of the way quick.

soon i will have everything what i want, what will i do then, want more?


Richard said...

I doubt I would ever have everything I want - unless I become omniscient.

As for creature comforts, well ... we need a lot less than we think. I Couldn't believ ehow much stuff I got rid off in prepping for the move to Madrid - jsut so much garbage. And now that I Am here, I still haven't unpacked everything (I see little need). It took almost 7 weeks to unpack my desktop (I was really, really getting frustrated with using the laptop).

CG said...

Yes we do need a lot less than we think we need. After years of moving countries (England to France, France to Spain, Spain to Lithuania, Lithuania to England) I do know that most of the stuff we think we need in fact is clutter. My husband is brilliant at getting rid of things and not having anything sentimental or otherwise. Still, he calls me a hoarder because I attach sentiments to way too many things. I am improving though. At the moment I am living out of ONE suitcase for about 2 months (the suitcase size is one of those that are allowed as hand luggage on the plane...) yet i still have loads of stuff at home...

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