Monday, September 28, 2009


For me it has been always strange to be in a really big city. By no means am I a country girl, but by the world's standards the city I grew up in is merely a village. I don't like the city I grew up in, but I rarely enjoy other cities either.
Cities do make me think a lot though.
It seems human being since it has been human and learned to communicate has hated being alone, so it always gathered company around itself. Whether it was building a village or just living in a nomadic tribe, human being seems to have always been desperate for company. All these thoughts were coming to my mind while travelling on Underground in London. I was watching people and thinking, if they ever get tired of being surrounded by people, do they ever want to get away. Do they feel trapped in this enormous metropolis.
Also it may be a good thing. Even if your single, old or young, absolutely lonely, when you live in a city there is always a crowd possibly just a few minutes away from home. There is always somebody to have a chat with on the bus or on tube, there is always a salesman in the shop who may be willing to discuss today's weather or the latest news. Yet this very reason why one may never be alone could be a great cause for misery because not being alone does not prevent one from being lonely.
I should talk to a Londoner about that one day. I am curious to know. One thing is certain as much as I like the buzz and the pace of the city. I could never be happy in a metropolis. For me, nothing can replace the beautiful laid back attitude of a country life, even if I never was a country girl.


Richard said...

Having grown up in Montreal (which is no slouch at being a city) and having lived in teh country, I prefer to live in the city *but in a green part).

I like my solitude, but I also like my diversity. One of the things I hated abotu living in the country (aside from the mosquitoes) was there was no where to go. I'd go 10km down a road and have to travel 10km back along the same road. Boring.

In the city, I can take different routes. If I am tired or hot or cold, I can stop into a shop. I can rest. Not possible in the middle of a country road.

CG said...

For me there is nothing more exciting than watching the landscape and nature and the trees and whatever growth there may be on the side of the country roads. I am not surprised that my favourite places in big cities are usually parks.

I think it is a question of the way we are not the way (or place) we were brought up. I find cities tiring.

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