Friday, September 18, 2009


after traveling for about 26 hours home, i am absolutely exhausted, the sad thing is i am here only here for few days and at the moment i am so tired i am not really enjoying anything. hopefully the situation will improve gradually. i just want to appreciate the company of my family.


Traveller said...

Hey there,

please take a sec and sign my petition, which is linked at my blog, asking the government of Canada to include animal rights in the constitution, and ask others to sign too:)


Richard said...

26 hours to get to Lithuania? Eek!

IT took me 9 hours (6 to Zurich + 1 layover + 2 to Mdrid) to get to Madrid and my bum was numb at the end of it.

CG said...

Hello Traveller I did sign your petition hopefully that will help.

Richard, luckily I have booked myself a flight for my next trip home, that will mean only 2 hours on the plane and another 2 hours in the car to get home...

If your bum hurt after 9 hours think of what it feels like after 26 hours.

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