Friday, August 21, 2009

creative gardening

I would love to have my own pretty litle herb garden. I would build work tables and arrange pots and pots of different herbs and I could pick them when I feel like it. I would also have a vegetable patch, grow a few potatoes, carrots and onions of my own, maybe some tomatoes... even salad and when I feel like it I would just pop into my garden and pick the ingredients for a salad... There would be some strawberries yes definitely!
Also it would be divine to have my own apple trees and then I could make my own apple purees with cinnamon in th autumn. Oh it would be so great!

Another thing that wold great with this idyllic country dream is a few chickens running around that would lay some beautiful free range eggs then I could bake cakes, the cakes with home made eggs are amazing. And amidst all this I would still want to find time to do some studying and write books. I do not know how I would manage and if it's even possible but it would be nice, then Graham, myself and the dogs would have a beautiful and comfortable life.

I wish it was easier sometimes but it isn't so I'll just have to deal with it as it is. Take it one step at the time dream a lot, and live a bit less. I am changing my dreams are adapting, by no mans have I given up on my cottage in lovely English countryside dream, it is just now I spend more time trying to work out how to get it rather than just dreaming about it. Dreams are good they keep our soul healthy and give us an incentive to do things...

Back to my garden, I would have a nice lawn or Charlie and Millie to ran around on, and some white roses and lavender around the house, I would also have tulips and daffodils and peonies and maybe even poppies and I haven' got a clue how to grow all these things but I am sure I would find a way and learn and do things... don't even get me started on the house itself...
time to sleep.


I forgot to add while wondering the pictures are from:
here respectively...


Lorri said...

Your dreams are beautiful ones. I know you will achieve them in time. It takes baby you know.

Thinking of you...sending hugs.

Lorri said...

Oh, the photos are lovely!

Richard said...

Sounds like a great dream.

Tomatoes are the easiest to grow. I've never had much luck with carrots or potatoes.

I hope you keep moving toward your dream.

CG said...

Thank you Lorri and thank you Richard it feel sometimes as if I need my dreams just to be able to breathe. It is so good ti have them. As for the potatoes and carrots I will take that into consideration..

Richard said...

Realize, it may have just been me and the potatoes and carrots. I did grow brocolli once. They didn't mature until mid-October! But it was a cold and grey Summer that year. Never had luck with peppers either. Beans are easy. So are cucumbers (but watch out for squirrels who love to bite them off).

CG said...

I would grow cucumbers just to watch squirrels biting them off. I know marrows and pumpkins are easy, but my strawberry experience was rubbish!

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