Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I miss

my husband, my dogs, my computer, my bed, my post box, all things that associate with home and are impossible to carry while traveling.

My life is not like a box of chocolates but like a empty tin of biscuits that has been fitted perfectly to carry only the necessary items.

My life is not easy, nor is it complicated, I am on a trial period in every sense of the word. Are the risks I am taking worth taking? The worst thing of all is that I do not know. All I do is wait these days, that is very irritating, good news is - I am so cornered emotionally I write loads. I hope at least this roller coaster ride will push that great novel out of me, that would be an experience so worth having then.

I would like things to work out, i think I deserve it by now.


Lorri said...

I know, I is difficult.


carra said...

Thank you Lorri!

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