Thursday, May 14, 2009

L'Occitane addiction

Recently I have grown addicted to L'Occitane products. It started all very innocently I bought myself a soap in the sale, the reason for purchase was the divine lavender smell. It was quite cheap and the reason for that was it being no longer presentable, but honestly it did not change the soap in itself... So I have been using it for a month now and honestly I do not want to use another soap again. That, however was still not enough, I had to go back to the shop and sniff around for more...

And more I found this time it was solid perfume. Oh my little greedy self couldn't resit. I contemplated as long as a week before the purchase, but still even after all that time I wanted it and went back...
The next item from the very same company I desire is for my husband, it is an aftershave and it smells absolutely beautifully. I know that all the other products I bought were great so I'm confident my husband will enjoy using it too. It is perfect timing after all in a couple of weeks time it's his birthday... I wonder how greedy will I get this time when I go to the shop!

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