Wednesday, May 06, 2009

10 reasons why I hate wallpaper in my own home

1. Because everyone else in this country has the same type and design wallpaper. In fact there are only about 15 choices in the biggest DIY shop.
2. Slobber decorated wallpaper isn't nicer in any way.
3. It's a pain in the backside to clean.
4. The colour is never right.
5. It tends to peel off more often than I would want it to.
6. It's another pain in the backside to try and peel it off and then paint the wall instead.
7. Everybody brags on and on and on about how this rubbish is the best thing since sliced bread.
8. It collects dust.
9. It never goes with the stuff that I have or want to get.
10. The people who think that they can wallpaper the walls can't do it most of the time. The pattern gets fucked up in the end anyway.

People give me headache these days about the bloody wallpaper. I just want to use my nails to peel the stuff off! You musn't think that I hate wallpaper in general. I do like some wallpaper. But if you have two dogs that produce 2 l of slobber daily, don't even think about it. It will eternally look dirty, and I am pretty sure that no one would want their home to look always dirty, but then on the other hand you can always get slobber coloured wallpaper (there is plenty of that one here...) and hope for the best!

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