Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playing around

To cheer myself up and to make the time go by faster I decided to play around with my blog for a while. As I was getting bored of the background and the header, I thought I'm ready for something new. I always found Laura Ashley wallpapers to be really lovely, so I thought it would be great to be able to wallpaper my blog with one!
Also the header was a bid boring for me, and I found these lovely suitcases here that I couldn't resist. I cropped it a bit and added my headline, and I think it works really great at least until I get bored with it again.
Now I'm just going to relax as it's going to be a nice long weekend. I may not like the idea of why it is such a long weekend, but I like the whole long weekend business, I wonder what does the term worker implies? and maybe it would be more suitable to call it slavery day...
Anyway no miserable thoughts I need a break from those. I think this weekend I'll have some quality time just focusing on the things I like to do, like reading and writing lots of letters. I love writing letters it's so fulfilling. I'm one of those people who really do get excited about finding something in the post box that isn't junk mail or a bill.
So here I am lazying on Thursday afternoon, playing around, relaxing and listening to twist and shout!
BTW what do YOU think of my blog template adjustments?
*Original stolen from here.

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