Friday, April 24, 2009

A letter to Charles Dickens

Dear Mr. Dickens,

having read a few works of yours I feel (tonight) as though I would like to let you know of my appreciation of those works. You know as well as I do, that your amazingly complicated plots and absolutely charming characters whether they are good or bad, have earned you enough praise already. However, what I admire most in your works is the social message, that is always there, placed on purpose to choke (if I may say so) the narrow minded Victorian society that wanted to see nothing of suffering or poverty. I do not wish the social messages in your work to diminish your talent in no way, because it is your talent that made those social comments so obvious yet subtle and actually have caused many changes.
I admire you for your own personal as well as literary life and your now well known rags to riches story. Unfortunately, even if you changed your opinion of Americans, they have been cruel and bad mannered enough to disrespect your final will and they have made a sculpture of yourself, I believe it is wrong and I shall never ever see it, but I am proud to say that I have visited the Bleak House in Broadstairs just prior to it's sale to one of the dullest people you could find. Can you believe -the first item of yours that he sold was your desk? That was fortunately to his great loss. As a person who absolutely loves literature I would like to thank you for all those beautiful hours of pleasure you have provided me with your works. I will not brag on how much I have loved one or another character, because they all are beautiful in their own way and required and immense skill to create them. If there were more men like you, the world would definitely be a much more interesting place to be in. To be honest it's becoming quite boring here. The social messages are there but often they are absurd or ridiculous. I am not saying the problems of the world are not there anymore, they are here, probably more than ever, it is the way they are addressed that I think is even more ridiculous than back in your times. To be honest, I believe, if you saw the world for what it is today, you would be quite disappointed
So here I will stop as I can see my own literary talents are quite small in even expressing what I feel towards the great talents of yours.
I will always remain one of the humble creatures that will admire your works and it is my pleasure in admitting it.


P.S. My husband often makes jokes about my usage of the word humble, he keeps saying that I sound Dickensian, I hope that in no way insults You. Also, I forgot to mention your wit which makes your stories so much more appealing, but I think I have said enough already.

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