Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy Birthday Father in Law

Today is my husband's father's birthday, I usually refer to him simply as daddy. He is lovely really, even though he is not around the physical way. I love you daddy, happy birthday, we will light a candle for you.



Lorri said...

Happy birthday wishes from me!

Angela in Europe said...

Happy birthday Beau Pere! Nice to see you are still blogging!

Richard said...

I am glad you refer to him as "daddy". Many people always regard their in-laws as, well, in-laws. Not really part of the family, just somethign that comes along with the spouse.

I always beleived I married into a larger family and call my in-laws the om, dad, brothers and sisters - because to me, they are part of my extended family.

Sofia does not see things this way. For her, in-laws are in-laws and not family. sigh.

CG said...

Thank you Lorri!
Yes Angela I am still blogging, it's like a disease!

Richard I have one theory for your statement. My family was very tiny, my father and my mother and that's it. I barely speak to my brother and then I got married and I had all these lovely people becoming my extended family, two grandchildren, two daughters (they were a bit older than me though) I think I want them to be my family, because I always wanted a family. Whereas Sofia already has a large family and she probably doesn't feel the need to extend it. I love all of my husband's relatives and I particularly loved Sarah, she was the best friend I ever had. She was there for me when even my own family wasn't there, but she was my family more than anyone ever could be.

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