Friday, March 27, 2009

Fashion week home made style: OVER

So, I have reviewed my wardrobe, realised what I really need and what is simply a wish. I always try to think before all of my purchases at least 24 hours. I do not own that many things and I'm definitely not a fashionista. Never will become one either, unless I will win the lottery, I think I really am too lazy and too much into wearing things I like, to actually follow the latest trends. One must have really unlimited funds to follow all the lates fashion woos.
I know for sure, this summer will be spent learning to make things myself, so that I can actually put the designs I have in my head, into reality. I was never a gifted artist especially at drawing. My husband still laughs at my attempts to draw a bookshelf five years ago.
My suggestion to all the females would be to review everything they have and appreciate it, as that polyester scarf is not a must have accessory it is an advertising technique...

So now my old wardrobe is ready for srping and I don't really need as much as I thought, but the things that I need can be purchased for fraction of the price that I expected...

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Marian said...

Hello! just wanted to say 'Hello' and how i enjoy reading your blog, i was smiling whilst reading and thought i would let you know!

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