Thursday, February 12, 2009

When you start looking you can't get enough

As I have mentioned throughout the week there is everything eco now, even celebrities and gossip! I actually found rather funny. At least now having a go or praising a celebrity is not just about a bad or good outfit, but about what they do for the environment et cetera.

I think the time has come to admit that we label and judge people, but we also should realise that to do both we need a good reason. I really dislike Sarah Palin for being an idiot, for being against abortions and for supporting that horrible aerial woolf hunting, and this is just the beginning. Idiocy is common these days, but plain arrogance of people is ridiculous. In Lithuania abortions are banned by law, do you know why? Because Lithuanian population is down, so they are forcing women to have children (or worse go to some weird people that perform abortions) so that they can fill the orphanages and the government can announce on the news that Lithuanian population is increasing, not even admitting the problem of the overpopulation in the world. Hunting (only certain animals though and only under strict supervision) is also allowed in Lithuania and fur is very welcome here too. In fact there are hundreds of shops selling fur and god they stink! My dogs smell better, and I do not wear them! Almost everywoman except me and other people with a little intellect, own a fur coat, my co-worker even wraps her rat of a dog in fox fur! I simply said that fox's fair belongs on the fox not on the dog, but she doesn't get it. Funny thing is fur clothes are not warm, they are heavy and akward, and they might look good but no justification that it is too cold not wear fur is good enough...

As always I went completely of subject, well it doesn't matter anyway. You got the point, I'm sure.

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