Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the Fresh Air Fund JOBS

Yet again the Fresh Air Fund have contacted me and this time they have something really interesting for you! Yet again I am late to post about this as my work on all fronts is keeping me busy, but it's not about that.
The Fresh Air Fund are looking for Counselors for the Summer of '09!
As you are probably aware working with kids can be so much fun, and they have described it perfectly on their website. If I wasn't stuck in this no-man's country Lithuania I'd be certainly filling out the application as during the summers I do have plenty of time to spare, and of course I love kids, however I am stuck here, so it is up to those that are in more civilized countries like the USA to do something nice and tell me all about it :)
These people are really cool. They have their own flickr community, they also twitter and they even have their own youtube channel! Definitely worth checking out and if you are interested enough you can fill out your application form here -> (click)
Just think about telling your friends that you actually did something good during your summer holidays, that you made a difference, even if it was just because you couldn't think of something better to do!

Be kind and you will be rewarded! Have a lovely day; wherever you may be :)

*This post has been written by me, with no financial encouragement, the only encouragement I had was my own conscience, as the fresh air fund actually asked me to write about them.

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