Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lithuanians still have a lot to learn

and so do I, especially to deal with their stupidity. I am one very tired person. I am tired of stupid people. They do not know how to shop, they do not know how to say please or thank you, they do not know anything about common decency and I'm sick of it. At school I teach the kids a lot about good manners and the importance of being nice. Still, it does not seem to work in fact teaching them some grammar is much easier.
I am tired lately because I am working double at school these days as most of the teachers are off sick so I'm replacing many people. I'm going to have a nap :)


Richard said...

I can empathize with feelign frustrated by people. It is hard, sometimes, to remember that they are who they are and they behave the way they have learned to behave.

(P.S. there is a typo in your title).

CG said...

Firstly, thanks for the P.S. :)
People can be really stupid and stick to things that are ridiculous. We should never be taught how to behave, but then all the children would have to be "confiscated" from their parents. Which would be even worse!

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