Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Fresh Air Fund!

Long time ago before the Yule season began I received a lovely e-mail from the Fresh Air Fund. They politely have asked me to write about their project and I gladly agreed, but busy as I am (and sometimes lazy too) I have kept postponing writing the post for ages, until today of course.

And so I have finally taken some time to look at what they do and I loved what they do. The fact that i live in Lithuania a small country compared to many others, children even if they have grown up in the city more often than not have grandparents or other relatives in the country and so they get many opportunities to get out there and breathe some fresh air, see what do the cows look like, and get their hands dirty. I certainly did as well. My grandmother from father's side lived in a lovely farm just a few kilometers away from Kaunas and so many summer's were spent there, watering the tomatoes, playing and running in the fields, watching a goat give birth (fro some it may sound gross but I found it really exciting - the miracle of birth!), played with baby rabbits, collected chicken eggs and so on. There are so many things to do for a child who is for so long locked in the concrete enclaves of the city, that one never gets bored. I for sure never did.

So I really like the idea of the fresh air fund it gives an opportunity for kids to see the world outside of the city, and it proves, just how many kind people are out there. The new president of America is currently encouraging people to do more for others, and as we all know I am no American, but I believe everyone should listen. I try to do as much as I can for the community around me, and maybe sometimes I don't do enough because I'm too tired, too busy or too lazy, but we all have to start somewhere. Today it's the fresh air fund, tomorrow it will be something else. Check out these people and see how you can help :)

*This post has been written by me, with no financial encouragement, the only encouragement I had was my own conscience, as the fresh air fund actually asked me to write about them.

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