Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Pink

So as we all know, this week I am obsessed with pink, this obsession is really getting hold of me, and I have to pull myself together now. Well, either that or file for a divorce and become single woman again, who is allowed to use whatever colours she may wish in her apartment. It is not my apartment nor my husband's, we rent ti, so every time we want to nail a picture in the wall we have to get a permission. Now little trouble has come our way, the dogs have peeled of a small amount of wallpaper beyond repair in the bedroom, and the chances of me finding identical paper are pretty remote, I have to replace that with some more beige of course, but what can I do? I don'w even own that many pink clothes to wear, so I can't surround with that colour anywhere.
I'm tired of everything that is bland. I live in the country that the mostly seen colour is gray, anytime of the year, in an apartment that is beige, with a husband who likes beige. My life revolves around more gray and beige people and I feel trapped. This place is so miserable that it could kill anybody's creativity, for life. I need to write my fabulous bestseller to get out of here, but this place is so depressing I can barely write, in fact it's not only that, I'm tired of everything and generally pissed off (I can't believe I just wrote that!) to be bothered. I just want to pack up and go somewhere where there is some colour, but at the moment I couldn't even afford the trip out of the city.
I need colour in my life, in every sense of the word! Pink, pink, pink...

*Image stolen from the butterfly collector.


Richard said...

Ah! Agreeing on decorating. That is tough. Sofia and I have different ideas about that as well. I prefer neutral colours and tone. Sofia prefers more "life".

You guys could try to agree on dividing the house into areas where you have more control and where your husband has more control. Of course, in my own marriage that hasn't worked out too well. When I suggest that, Sofia responds that we need a bigger house as the one we have now is too small to allow me "my" space.

CG said...

The problem with division is we live in a 26m2 apartment. The only childish (that's how my husband calls it) territory I have is my desk, the rest is how to say that... beige. He likes soft colours, pale, simple, as he is the older one apparently I have to adjust and not the other way round. I believe I will get my own back, when we will buy our cottage.

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