Friday, January 09, 2009

It's not a bad thing...

I realise now that blogging at work is quite a good thing as it prevents you from doing something stupid i.e. buying a that chocolate that you don't really need. I'm not on any diet, simply I want to eat healthier food and now instead of walking to the canteen I walk to the school library and blog away. I think it is a good thing, because in the long run it will pay of as quite rewarding effort, not only more writing done in English but also less weight gain or in fact even losing weight. I'm very tired these days and because I feel I lack the energy I eat more. I think it is part of the natural process, but to be honest I can't afford to gain weight at the moment as I would need more clothes. I am already poorly dressed. You know my clothes are starting to show that they are a few years old but I am trying to cover it up somehow. Now I'm also dreaming of knitting a nice scarf and a hat. I can't knit mittens because I never learned to knit with four needles. I know lazy me. Talking about laziness, I have to walk back to my class now, the first bell has rung.

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