Wednesday, January 14, 2009

100 year old hair cut

I adore this photograph of Louise Brooks, I think it to be absolutely beautiful, but she is not only famous as an actress or a photo model in this case, she is very famous for being one of the first wearers of the bob!
This year the bob has turned 100. As a wearer of one, I think this is quite a reason to celebrate, knowing that this haircut was invented by a Polish immigrant in Paris, the haircut had caused quite a revolutionary movement - quite an interesting background for one very simple cut. Any woman who had her hair cut this way, risked to end up single (by divorce), losing her job if she was working and so on. It was at the time very inappropriate and wrong to have short hair, and one can easily see why.
It was indecent to have short hair for a woman, almost since the days when they still lived in the caves, only god knows why, the standards have been created by someone, that women had to have long hair and men (in comparison to women) short. Women were neither allowed short hair nor trousers but in time, we managed to get both, and the end result is sometimes quite dazzling as some people you see, you never can tell whether it is a he or a she.
I am by no way saying that short hair or trousers are wrong, as at the time of writing this post I am wearing both, and to be honest I would not like to change either. In fact I think I would look like a bun wearing long hair, plain and stupid, I really do not want to look that way.
I have some weird ideas (as my husband calls them) for example in summer time I would like to colour my bob orange. Not bright orange as on the orange tree, but more pastelled tone of it. I have always had naturally dark hair, but the colour that it is - no know knows, still more often than not the colour is identified as gray. I do not like gray, clothes or hair on an almost 24 year old (my)self, so I always lean towards colouring which my husband opposes immensly. I still do think, I'm very likely to end up with a lighter colour hair for the summer, it's about time, and as I do not wish to change my classic bob look I only have one option - changing the colour. I just had an idea! I should colour my hair white!
Maybe tonight I will have a cup of tea and a sandwich to celebrate this great birthday of my own, as well as many other women's, haircut... and maybe I can manage to talk my husband in letting me colour my hair...

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