Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Children of Huang Shi

I absolutely loved this film! It is so interesting and so involving that I almost cried when it was over. Certainly the things I've seen shocked me, as I knew so little about what happened in China during the WWII. I know I may sound un-educated, but my lack of knowledge on Asian side of the war is quite obvious. I grew up in the country which was the front line (of sorts) during the WWII so my head is already over filled with the information, as well as being interested what happened on the Western front in the concentration camps and so on... I am not some historian to know it all, and I am not ashamed of the little that I do know, because I am confident of that knowledge.
So as I said the story background shocked me, but the story itself is so human, so captivating, so personal that you can not chose but to love it. I do not really know what the critics said, but as you all know I am no good at writing reviews. I am always way too frightened to disclose too much information and spoil the fun for the next person.
This film is loosely based on a true story and what I liked most is that in the end few of the Children of Huang Shi actually tell in short how it was. It is an amazing story, a journey through the struggles of life along with the children who have to survive and their all brave teacher who wants to make sure they will be safe.

I would recommend this film to anyone who would to watch something that has some emotion in it rather than just blunt stupid story that you watched in different shape million times before.

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