Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Have you experienced it? Have you ever been blackmailed emotionally. I have, for almost first 18 years of my life. Even so, every time that I feel, that I am blackmailed emotionally, I'm still caught totally off guard.

It happens quite often with some of my employers and I am never quite ready for it. In fact one day, I had to shut myself off for at least ten minutes, to scream and get myself calm. I always wonder if the people who do it are unconscious of it or they simply do it for pleasure. Surely hurting other people's feelings can't be fun! Even when I'm angry and say not so nice words to my husband I'm always very conscious of anything hurtful I may say that I will regret later. It is quite difficult to control it but at least I try. Unfortunately it seem that in this country most (thank goodness not all) employers think that the more they will terrorise you the better you will work. However the side effect is quite contrary. I now avoid certain people because of all that, and I'm constantly planning my little revenge. I know that is back, but at least it makes me feel better ands tops me from crying or having angry fits.

All the people that practice emotional blackmail, should be shut off together, so they could torture each other all the time, but save the trouble for the "normal" people. I hate being humiliated (but then who doesn't?), still if someone does it in public they get some nasty response, and the best part is that they never expect this, from this nice little me.

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Vesper de Vil said...

That really sucks, but just keep being strong and not letting it get you down. Humans are so complicated. We hurt others without even trying.

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