Friday, November 28, 2008

Being nice feels nice...

Today there is this big charity event happening in Lithuania, the crisis center are collecting food that will be given out in food parcels, to Lithuanian families that are in need of help. I was surprised because charity and human kindness are a rare thing in this country. Please don't take me wrong, Lithuanians are not bad people, but our culture is weird. Lithuanians rarely say thank you or please, let alone give something for nothing, I suppose this is what years and years of being poor does to people.
Anyway this is not about being generous or not, I'm writing this because I'm really happy, because I gave. I gave three big bags of flour and some other things to fill the hungry stomachs up. I also offered myself as volunteer if they need somebody. I know I have little time but I can spare a Sunday or two a month to help, because if we never help other how do we ever can expect help when we need it?
I was amazed to see so many people give, after all no matter economic crisis or not Lithuania is changing and for better. Lithuanians are becoming human again and that is a good sign.


Anonymous said...

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Lorri said...

I think it is good to give when we can and to help out and volunteer when we can. It is always good to pay it forward and do good for others. It makes us feel good about ourselves in the process.

Richard said...

Let us hope this is a trend that continues.

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