Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It may seem horrible, especially considering the current situation in the States and the UK with the credit crunch, but it seems like we for the first time in a long time have a chance of purchasing a house. Of course we would have to get a mortgage, but this opportunity seems to be on Graham's mind all the time, something he is not willing to let go off.
I am not against the idea of having a home, especially if paying mortgage is cheaper than renting our current flat, but in my mind a house = settling down, and Lithuania is deffinitelly not the place where I would like to settle down.
My husband is older and wiser, that came with the package of marrying an old man, and constantly reminds me, that there is no point going to the UK during a depression and high unemployment times. I know he is right, but I also know, how much I dislike Lithuania, even though I have a good employment environment for myself it is still Lithuania. In fact I could be a celebrity in Lithuania if I wanted to, but it is just a small village in the world preferring to celebrate people's thinness to their intellect... but isn't it like that everywhere in the world?
Maybe it is, but I seem to love the rest of the world more
However, we view houses all the time, and we were fortunate enough to come across some nice houses for a very nice price. Yes they will need some TLC, but it will be home, and if anything one thing for certain, having a house in this country would open many other doors - i.e. adoption opportunities.


Pumpkin said...

Owning is still an investment where as renting is like throwing money out of the window.

You could always sell the house once you decided to leave.

Richard said...

I am with pumpkin that owning a house is an investment. However, owing to peculiarities of rent control law in Canada, renting can be a money saver in the long term - if you never leave your apartment. Since, the rent increases are prescribed so long as you are a tenant. Once you move out, the landlord if free to increase the rent as he pleases.

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