Monday, October 20, 2008

It has been a very busy week...

So busy that I did not manage to reply to anyone's e-mails or comments on my blog. So busy, that my sleeping schedule fell apart and dogs were mainly walked by Graham. I couldn't even scramble a blogpost together.
Now, however, I have at least one hour free, and I thought I should spend it doing what I like most - writing in English.
My days are completely packed with work, but with enough time to rest. I work a lot yes, but I have my little cigarette and cup of tea breaks frequently so that I don't feel like used to anymore. In fact most of the time I manage to stay on top, as everyday I try to finish all the jobs that I started, with nothing left behind for tomorrow. work is becoming greater and greater, and I really do love it, there is even a possibility of switching to full time, whenever I want.
It is still hard, I do work and I do earn the money, but for the lack of time I seem to spend more. We still don't eat ready meals (thank god!), but for example I am driving more these days and as the petrol prices always rise but never come down it is a luxury around here. We are hunting for a smaller car, but our English right hand drive vehicle is proving hard to sell.
We will get on top of it I'm sure and we will have a lovely X-mas, because we deserve them. Not that we celebrate X-mas anyway. So, this is how I drag myself through the days of my life, hoping that the next day will be a lot better than the previous one.


Red Eyes said...

Thanks for sharing your philosophy and also especially for stopping by and staying connected. I guess this will be a much busier and interesting week and I'm looking forward to it and hope it goes better for you too than the last.
Ill be back soon!

Pumpkin said...

I know that sometimes I feel like I am getting no where no matter what I do. However, I know I have to keep trying and keep going because really there is no other choice.

You have come so far in spite of so many odds. I know it isn't easy right now and I really hope that it gets better soon because you more than anyone I know deserves success and happiness.

"Δημήτριος ο Ταξιδευτής" said...

Καλή εβδομάδα να έχετε, με ένα ποίημα από τον Λορέντζο Μαβίλη
Have a nice week, with a poem by Lorenzo Mavilis


Fortunate are the dead who forget
the bitterness of life. When the sun sets
and dusk follows, do not weep for them,
no matter how deep your sorrow may be!
At such an hour the souls are thirsty and go
to οblivion's crystal-cold spring;
but the water will turn muddy,
if a tear is shed for them by the beloved.
And if they drink turbid water, they recall,
passing through fields of asphodels,
past sorrows that sleep within them.
If you cannot but weep, at sunset,
your eyes should lament for the living
who seek to forget, but cannot do so.
'Lethe', or 'Oblivion' is a pessimistic poem. Mavilis mingles in it the ancient Greek belief about the Underworld, so well described by Homer in the Odyssey (XXIV, 1-14), and the Modern Greek tradition about the Realm of the Dead. According to Homer, the Underworld is a vast field where the plant asphodel grows.
Καλότυχ' οι νεκροί, που λησμονάνε
την πίκρα της ζωής. Όντας βυθίσει
ο ήλιος και το σούρουπο ακλουθήσει,
μην τους κλαις, ο καημός σου όσος και να 'ναι!
Τέτοιαν ώρα οι ψυχές διψούν και πάνε
στης λησμονιάς την κρουσταλλένια βρύση.
Μα βούρκος το νεράκι θα μαυρίσει,
Σα στάξει γι' αυτές δάκρυ, όθε αγαπάνε.
Κι αν πιουν θολό νερό, ξαναθυμούνται
διαβαίνοντας λιβάδι' απ' ασφοδίλι,
πόνους παλιούς, που μέσα τους κοιμούνται.-
Α δε μπορείς παρά να κλαις, το δείλι,
τους ζωντανούς τα μάτια σου ας θρηνήσουν,
θέλουν -μα δε βολεί να λησμονήσουν.
Η "Λήθη" είναι απαισιόδοξο ποίημα. Ο Μαβίλης αναμειγνύει σ' αυτό την αρχαία ελληνική πίστη για τον Άδη, που με ενάργεια έχει περιγραφεί από τον Όμηρο στην Οδύσσεια (ραψ. κδ΄, 1-14), και την νεοελληνική παράδοση για τον Κάτω Κόσμο. Σύμφωνα με τον Όμηρο, ο Άδης είναι ένα απέραντο λιβάδι γεμάτο με ασφοδέλους.

Lorri said...

Remember what I told you, in my email!

Don't overdo it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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