Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's now it's tonight and I don't know what to do. really, there isn't much to do. There aren't any kids going round trick or treating, and the conservative Catholics make it as hard to enjoy tonight as possible... Tomorrow is the all saints day and everyone will go to the graveyards to visit the dead. You know the usual stuff lighting the candles, planting flowers on graves to look them like gardens... Sick.
I never got around to understanding this or rather appreciating this another Lithuanian festivity of misery. That is quite a contra-dictionary term, but just so you know Xmas is miserable here too.

This is not because I'm in a bad mood or tired. I am simply annoyed as I saw so many Halloween is not appropriate shitty articles in the press today, and the one that I wrote, explaining why Halloween is all right didn't make it...
I just can't grasp this narrow mindedness - why should we not celebrate something just because it's foreign? I mean we were not legally allowed to celebrate Christmas or Yule or in fact anything religious, so it's all foreign to us now, but we do it... It's just how ridiculous one can get. I love Halloween and dressing up. My usual outfit is a vampire.
My favourite Halloween was in England a few years back, when I was so excited as it was my first ever Halloween. I had bucket loads of sweets ready and made myself look really scary. When I opened the door to greet the kids, someone exclaimed:
"Oh my God!"
I thought it was so funny, still, the kids for some reason didn't take that many sweets and I had to eat them all by myself. Now I'm wondering what to do. I don't want to watch scary films, I can't sleep afterwards, but maybe I'll just light all the candles all around the house as I really like the light, then add a note to my BOS that this is the year when I am too tired, too not in the mood for anything. Maybe I'll just have an early night, without the candles after all.
Happy Halloween! Have fun trick or treating!

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Vesper de Vil said...

I wish you could've been here for our Halloween!

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