Thursday, October 23, 2008


How does one in life separate the genuine people from fakes? How does one know, who's the real friend and who is just somebody, who needs you at certain time or under certain circumstances? A relationship is an expensive venture, whether it's romantic or just friendship, and I am not talking about the financial costs but about the emotional experiences that for some may even cost a very real expense of going to a psychiatrist. But then I suppose it's a gamble we are all willing to take. Humans are social creatures aren't they?
Still a few bad experiences can put one off, for a while, but I suppose it's like eating ice cream just because you had a bad one, does that mean you'll never have one again?
The saddest part of all is the disappointment. It can be so great that you just want to shrink into a shell. You start fearing, that you may have been too honest, or too open. Maybe you told too much and that put those people off. Maybe it was your constant moving around, and not knowing what you want. How do you know?
I know, my concept of a friendship may be wrong. I believe, that a friendship means, that someone will be there no matter what, that will love you for who you are, you know silly things, that sometimes are taken for granted. But then, these silly things seem to be so rare to find these days, at least in the long run.
So there is that feeling, that evil feeling of disappointment, that should not be allowed into any decent persons heart. So, I decided, to never let this evil feeling into my heart, and this is the last time that I'm feeling disappointment.

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Lorri said...

Sincere friendship should include all the things you mention, and should be unconditional.

I know this is a loss to you, and certainly understand. Don't close your heart off, entirely, though.

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