Thursday, August 21, 2008

Urgently needed

If I want to pursue my journalistic career I urgently need a few items:

1. Dictaphone
2. Digital Camera
3. Blackberry (not urgent but will need it eventually)

none of them are or can be provided by either of my employers, so somehow I need to rob a bank or come up with a really good plan.

Still without these tools my career is looking pretty good, simply I'm evolving and to do the job I need the tools. You may think I am spoiled that is however not the case. I simply need them. If anyone has a spare of any of these things that they would like to donate please do not hesitate to contact me! Or I will simply have to go on a starvation diet, and that really does not sound that attractive.

It's a little bit annoying knowing how much I work, and how little rewards I get. I have four jobs now, all of them creative in one way or another yet I am living from wage to wage, while becoming more and more emotionally and physically exhausted. Does it pay to do what you like? No. At least not in Lithuania.

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Richard said...

Sorry, I can't help you there.

Soem jobs require you to have your own equipment.

Perhaps you need to be a little more selective in what you do. Instead of taking all the jobs (not sure how desperate your financial situation is), just take the ones that give you the best bang for your effort and use the free / down time to detox.

You can only keep running at full tilt for a short time before your body is going to tell you to slow down. Take care.

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