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Ozonas - Danny Epp: The EV is being killed by the politicians

This interview has been prepared by me and my colleague Mindaugas Galiauskas.

English version:

Danny Epp: Electric Cars are being killed by the politicians

Ozonas has been fortunate enough to have this great opportunity for an interview with General Manager of Dynasty Electric Car Corporation - Danny Epp.
We have asked him a few questions that we felt were relevant for our publication.
We have written a little about Dynasty Electric Car Corporation in our last number, and now you have an opportunity to hear about their cars from their top insider.

Ozonas: Working in such an innovative project when the society is modern like never before should mean less challenges, but still what are the main ones?

Danny Epp: The technical challenges have been overcome. The government bureaucratic challenges to allow these vehicles to operate on local roadways at reasonable speeds is the main obstacle.

Ozonas: Would yo consider that cars that your company produces 100% environment friendly?

Danny Epp:Our vehicles are very simple and basic, therefore the environmental impact of manufacturing is much less than conventional vehicles. Energy to operate the vehicle is much less and depending on the source of electricity will determine the environmental impact. Here in Canada most of our electrical power comes from Hydro dams and is therefore 100% environmentally friendly.
The cars have a long life span which reduces the environmental impact.

Ozonas: When producing electric cars do you consider what source of electricity people will use to charge their cars?

Danny Epp:We sell our cars all over North America with many sources of electricity.

Ozonas: We can now observe many different technologies like bio-fuel or hydrogen trying to replace oil. What is the role of electricity in this race?

Danny Epp:The economic source of hydrogen is natural gas. Studies have shown bio-fuels to take more energy to produce than it provides. Both these sources give off CO2 – a green house gas. Electricity can be obtained from solar, wind, or geothermal which have no emissions. A photovoltaic array on the roof of your house can recharge an electric car for most of your transportation needs. Electricity is the only power source to allow energy sustainability.

Ozonas: What in your opinion is more important; the looks or the performance of the vehicle?

Danny Epp: Both have more importance depending on your customers.

Ozonas: Are there any countries which have already prepared themselves for electric cars? What was the feedback of government, business and society?

Danny Epp: Not aware of any.

Ozonas: Do you find that the rules introduced by US government about safety of electric cars limit their usage and possibilities?

Danny Epp: The rules state a maximum speed limit of 25 mph for safety reasons. At this speed you impede traffic and become a safety concern. This speed is too slow for most people.

Ozonas: Do oil companies put a lot of pressure on companies like “Dynasty Electric Car Corp” which try to create an alternative for the whole oil industry?

Danny Epp: We are not a threat to the oil companies. The world is hooked on oil and they will always have a secure market. The automotive companies lobby the government to keep the rules of
operation unpalatable for the consumer.

Ozonas: How do you see the future of the world? Will we run out of oil one day?

Danny Epp: That is a fact if it is not renewable.

Ozonas: When should we expect the electric car to become an ordinary part of our lives?

Danny Epp: When the price of oil reaches a point of being unaffordable and climate change forces people to accept a change in lifestyle.

Ozonas: Do you think, that if everyone on Earth started using an electric car overnight, the world would be a greener, better place, or that would simply mean the beginning of a big change?

Danny Epp: The switch to electric cars will be gradual along with other energy consumption and together the world will inevitably be a better place

Ozonas: Do you use an electric car at all times?

Danny Epp: Our family uses an electric car to do local errands within the restrictions of the operating rules. Travel to work is not possible with current driving regulations.

Ozonas: Would you consider the idea of expanding/ bringing your company to Lithuania or the Baltic States?

Danny Epp: Our company cannot continue to build electric cars in North America. We hope to move production to Asia and open distribution worldwide.

Ozonas: What is needed for a country like Lithuania to be able to use electric cars?

Danny Epp: Driving regulations to allow practical use.

Ozonas: Would you like to wish something for the readers who would like to drive an electric car but still do not have such possibility?

Danny Epp: Contact local authorities to ensure electric cars can be licensed on your roadways and contact regional dealers to purchase one. Many manufacturers are looking for dealers in EV friendly countries.

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I really enjoyed reading that - great info and clearly precise - maybe you should translate some others please as I only read English!

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