Monday, August 04, 2008

Eco Meme

I came up with this idea of the eco-style meme, where everyone would list how many electric appliances do they have at home. List them all and compare it to others, electric appliances should not include lights and light bulbs for obvious reasons, but they can be added at the bottom of the list.

1. Fridge Freezer (never off)
2. Washing Machine (frequent use)
3. Oven (rarely used)
4. TV (used 24 hours ± 10 hours a week)
5. Desktop Computer (everyday use)
6. Laptop Computer (everyday use)
7. Handheld Mixer / Liquidizer (rarely used)
8. 2 x Mobile Phones (never off)
9. Printer (rarely used)
10. Electric Kettle (frequent use)
11. Chip Pan (rarely used)
12. iPod (rarely used)
13. Electric Radiator (in the bathroom almost never used)
14. Extractor fan (NEVER USED)
15. Vacuum cleaner (rarely used)
16. Steam Iron (rarely used)
17. Modem (everyday use)

A total of 17 Appliances

Lights list:

Bedroom 1 X 75W bulb.
Living room/kitchen area 3 X 50W bulbs + 3 X 40W bulbs + 1X 100W Fluorescent light
Entrance 2 X 40W bulbs

A total of 475 W or 10 Lights
I tag: B; Richard; Angela and Jayant

Good luck!

1 comment:

Richard said...

oh, dear! I better do the house in Ottawa - it is much less energy consumptive than the one in Montreal.

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