Sunday, May 18, 2008

A little while

One Birthday later, after two weekends of rowing a canoe, at least 5 job interviews, and a second interview for a brilliant job on coming Tuesday. I am tired, but that, is not it. I had five birthday cakes so far. Five articles written and two more to be written today. One trip to Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania, 300 km away) planned, every day scheduled to perfection. About 20 new and useful contacts. I am doing well. However I go to sleep at 11PM and get up at 6:30AM, my Mac crashed, but I managed to fix it. The rent is paid, but more bills are coming through. I need glasses. My eyesight is getting worse. I spend about 5 hours a day in front of my computer, but don't have a minute to spare to blog. I have at least 7 books waiting to be read, and I am looking forward to my trip to Vilnius, so I may finish one of them. I have been called old beyond my age, and no-one seems to understand that I find clubbing boring, and I truly dislike the taste of beer. I have two projects to write before tomorrow morning, two more to be translated. With all the work I do, it seems I should be financially well off, but I am not - yet.
My desk is tidier, but my handbags are full of rubbish. Yesterday I got a first discount as a journalist in a cafe, and I seem to be developing cynicism. I see good everywhere; but as journalist I look for bad too. I just called myself a journalist for a first time in my blog, and yesterday for a first time in my life. I am making progress as a writer and I just remembered; I have a book to translate before Tuesday. I also just remembered I haven't got time to blog anymore. Should I shut down? It takes a few minutes to delete a blog that I have been writing for almost two years, but the mission - improving my writing skills in English is not completed yet. I am sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that I am pretty tired. However my responsibilities and little successes drive me forward all the time.


Pumpkin Pie said...

Why not just leave your blog sitting here until you have time to post or you feel a need to post.

I don't see a reason to delete it since Blogger is free unless you feel more comfortable doing that.

I can see that your english had gotten much better since you first started this blog.

I am so happy for you and all that hard work you are doing. It will pay off.

b said...

Happy belated birthday, Carra! Please don't take your blog down. Just leave it up and as you have time, post. We understand completely. Almost all of us bloggers need a break. It is time consuming to blog and sometimes the energy and time just aren't there. However, we'll keep returning and hoping to see you back from time to time.

As with Pumpkin Pie, I too believe that your English has improved and is really very good. I'm proud of all your efforts. Remember to take time for yourself amidst all this hectic working and scheduling.


Richard said...

Happy belated birthday!

As a means to improving your English, I should point out that you do not "row a canoe", you "paddle a canoe".

As usual, I am inspired to read about you pursuing your dream (ok, I assume writing is your dream). And I hope you continue to enjoy it and find it meaningful and fulfilling.

I think a number of us have toyed with the idea of shutting down our blogs or going for extended hiatus. I think it is all up to you. Blogging can be a great social experience, it can also be very time consuming.

I am wondering if I need a change of focus in my blog, but, as always, I am slow to come to a decision. Some may argue it stems from an inability to make decisions, I prefer to think of it as ensuring that I am true to myself and not simply dashing around like mad and reimaging myself every 15 days.

carra said...

Pumpkin, I listened to your advice, it's sitting, waiting for some TLC.

B, thank you, well my English is improving even now, with my teaching job, I am looking for a good grammar book, to prepare course for the kids for next school year, I love my job it teaches me so much.

Richard thanks for the paddle, you reminded me I am still human. Well if you're so inspired when am I going to see the results of your inspiration?
Slow, doesn't mean bad, in my opinion, it simply means, well thought through.

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