Saturday, December 01, 2007

The 1st day of winter...

Even though it's cold inside-out I love winter. I love snow. I love how the seasons change, but my garden is still covered with leaves that need sweeping, and my house is not even homely yet to start decorating it. As in fact I don't like Christmas decorations month before Christmas anyway, as it takes the fun away, there is nothing special then.
This year however I am not celebrating Christmas, but Yule instead, I am making a very different tree myself, and as glass balls are already hanging above my doorways to make the evil spirits go away, I am not having those on the tree either. However the winter has begun and with that the commercialization and preparation for Christmas.
In the meantime I have work to do, so this is it for today.

Oh yes, the poll about Diana's death ended with the majority voting that it was an accident. Thank you for voting and expressing your opinion.


b said...

I love winter, too. And yes, it is a part of the great beauty of the seasons changing. So, what kind of celebration is Yule? What will you do to celebrate?

carra said...

B Yule is the winter solstice, from that day onwards (until summer solstice) the days are getting longer. It is the longest night of the year too!
I am planning on having a picnic on the beach on that day. It can be celebrated as Christmas without Jesus' birthday involved, as it has been celebrated by pagans before they were introduced by force to Christianity, with my beliefs system as it is (spiritual but not religious) and not worshiping any particular God or Goddess, but just natural elements I find it more appropriate, and more in tune with nature.Also I intend to do some meditation and other things to center myself.

b said...

That sounds wonderful, Carra. I share your feelings about spirituality over religion and am often amazed that people overlook the supreme spirituality of nature. I think that is why I feel so connected to the weather in recent years. I've always been enamored with the sky and moon, but the rain, clouds, wind, sun... they each affect me in profound and unique ways.

Richard said...

Winter definitely blew in last night with over 16cm of snow in Ottawa and more falling today. (More fell in Montreal and school was cancelled for my kids).

Since mid-November, it has been cold and snowy over here. Sofia is most unhappy with it. Her cousin (visiting from Peru) wondered how people manage to live with snow coming right up to the door of the house (since in Peru, the snow is found only on the tops of mountains).

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