Thursday, November 29, 2007

Teddy called Mohamed

You probably are aware of the current scandalous news story about a woman being tried in Sudan, for allowing her students to call a teddy bear Mohamed.

She has even been called an ignorant European, for not being aware of this taboo. Now just a few common sense questions, from a non-racist, and not religious little writer in Spain that nobody cares about:

1. Why aren't the children arrested for suggesting the name?
2. Why the parents who approved the idea by letter aren't arrested either?

I am one of those people, who believe in:
When in Rome, do as Romans do.
In fact as you are probably aware in the past four years I have lived in three different countries. Always applying the rule mentioned above. Never was I accused of ignorance, for not learning the language fast enough, or cooking maybe not so local food, but I have always been praised for trying to adapt and accept local lifestyle as standard.

I felt insulted personally when that poor teacher was accused of ignorance. She probably risked her life coming to that country in the first place, and was educating the children to help them achieve more in life. Teachers are important no matter where they come from. The bear - Mohamed was used in helping children with literacy and other every day tasks at school.
I am sure the woman knew many things about Islam and learned even more by living in Sudan.

Muslims quickly forget about the rule that I already mentioned when they come to Europe their selves. Most (especially women) are not willing to wear European clothes. School girls take schools to court for uniform codes that have existed for centuries, while they can go to schools that don't require uniforms. An English girl in Britain was told off and sent home for wearing a cross on her neck, because it was considered a piece of jewelery not a religious symbol, had she been Muslim it would have been a very different story...

I find this all rather upsetting. As a European, I am very tolerant of other people's beliefs, traditions and culture. Yet when people criticize country's culture (that they live in) for what it is, just because theirs is different (that they don't live in anymore) I become, unhappy to say the least.

The whole case that now poor Mrs. Gibbons could get 40 lashes makes me sick. Sudan's laws are outdated to say the least and even considering this whole thing so seriously is sick. No one in Catholic church would give someone 40 lashes for calling a bear Jesus! In fact the name is so popular in Spain, that I find it totally ordinary. They didn't call the stupid bear prophet Mohamed. It's an ordinary everyday name in Muslim community, the same as John or Peter in the UK.

If this case goes much further, I might decide to change my views about the adaption of living in Europe that is certainly not looked at in Muslim communities. Maybe Muslim women should start wearing brim hats instead of veils, or whatever they are called. And before you accuse me of arrogance let me remind you, I never left European continent in my life, but if I was going to a Muslim country not only would I cover my head, but I would also learn basic words in their language..

I am writing all this here because BBC will not approve of my comments.

I almost forgot... Have you read about Mohamed (the prophet) the murderer/rapist?

Never mind.

Everyone who wants to kill me please leave a comment and I will get back to you with my address.

In the meantime I will purchase a pig and call it Mohamed, as I am sure that some Muslims would enjoy doing a similar thing with the name of Jesus... Not that I am a Catholic or in fact - please keep in mind I am not religious and I don't want to be saved, converted or otherwise.

I just had a thought... I'll buy a monkey and call it Jesus. Just for the balance sake.


Richard said...

It is silly, but so much of human behaviour is.

I like to follow the advice given in the Star Trek episode Journey to Babel, "There is no offence were none is taken." (although I think it is equally worthy of the Stoics).

While it is true that some people deliberately go out and try to cause offence, there is also the curious phenomena of people who seem to go out of their way to find offence (whether in this case, or gay Teletubbies).

They are both probably evolutionary artefacts. Despite our veneer of civilization, deep inside us there exists the mindless primitive growing more enraged and more inflamed with each new frustration. And when it emerges, we call it justice or the will of the people or moral decency.

carra said...

I agree with you Richard, While it is true that some people deliberately go out and try to cause offence, there is also the curious phenomena of people who seem to go out of their way to find offence (whether in this case, or gay Teletubbies). those people must be desperate for a scandal... I suppose Sudanese found a way to make the world forget about genocide happening in their own back yard.

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