Thursday, September 27, 2007

Meet My Totem Animal

Last night I decided to meditate. I found it incredibly hard before so I did not expect too much. I did though, want to meet my totem animal immensely.

I personally believe that everyone, has a totem animal and that that particular animal would help the person find the connection with the nature again.

Totem Animal belief is of shamanistic background, but that does not bother me, as shamans in my eyes were simply medicine people who were incredibly in tune with nature.

So I put my iPod on with beautiful natural sounds and relaxed. I was sitting on a settee in a comfortable position, thinking of a beautiful field where I soon felt I was.

I asked to meet my totem animal, because I really wanted to, and because I believed I was ready. Soon a voice told me that I can meet my totem animal, and a beautiful gold coloured path appeared in front of me. Not far off where the path began I could see there was an edge and an emptiness beyond. I walked 10 steps down the path, slowly counting them. In a spur of a moment I was surrounded by this beautiful gold coloured space. I could feel it and I felt like floating in the air! I kept looking around to meet my totem animal, expecting a penguin, a swan or something similar...

Then slowly a big ivory coloured Cobra appeared in front of me. It was beautiful, and very very big. The snake's head was as big as mine, and it looked straight into my eyes. I was not frightened, or surprised, I simply felt very happy!

All of a sudden I my mind became misty and tired. I said thank you to the Cobra for showing itself, and I promised to come back again once I am ready.

The snake disappeared, for a few moments I enjoyed the gold coloured space and then I opened my eyes to find myself so full of happiness and excitement!

The strange thing, was it all felt natural and right.


jayant said...

not to praise you unnecessarily,but its baffles me how you think of such simple yet interesting topics.
Even i've started thinking abt my totem..wudnt like to elaborate though.. :)
well,wud luv to gt in touch wid u,to share your thoughts.
have a look at my blog sometimes..

jayant said...

Hello!I dont know how to interpret your reason for visitng my blog,as I found ur first line a bit confusing.Anyways,its strange for me to know that a spanish person even knows what cricket name has deep roots in Indian mythology,but to simplify it,it means "always victorious".

and,let me add,its stranger to know that you've not seen a t.v. set for the last yr!!!
your views of happiness are interesting,to say the least..I endorse them fully.
take care

carra said...

Jaynat, the thing is - I don't think... they just come to me, sort of naturally. The experience with the totem animal felt so special that I wanted to share it! Thank you for coming back! Your visits are certainly appreciated!

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