Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn - Thank You

This photograph was taken last year, at the end of October while traveling through France on the way back home that used to be in Hautes Pyrenees. We stayed in this beautiful bed and breakfast, that I am going to review this or the following week.
I like autumn. I love watching the environment change. I love seeing the fruits ripening on the fruit trees. I love watching the leaves fall and change their colours. I suppose Americans found a very romantic way to call this season of the year Fall.
I chose this photograph, because it reminds me, just how much mother nature provides us with. If only we all would appreciate it, not waste it.
When I picked an apple off the apple tree the other day, I said Thank You, to the tree. It may sound silly to some, but I am happy to thank a tree, that I can actually see, because it provided me with it's fruit.
I'd rather do that, than thank an invisible god, that I am not sure if it exists at all, for creating me. Because it was not the god that created me, it was my parents. So I thank my parents instead.
It wasn't god who created man by his own image either, it was man who created god by his own image. The man was weak, the man needed something to believe in, so he created god.
I refuse to create gods or goddesses, I am not weak. I am strong and that is why I don't need to create something in my mind, to tell me to be kind and nice.
Common sense tells me that.
I know whatever I send out in this world, it will come back to me, and usually in multiplied force.
I thank the nature for giving so much to me. I thank the nature because I can see it, because I can feel it, because I can touch it, and because it's there.
Thank you.


jayant said...

I dont know how I happened to come across your blog..was surfing through some random ones and i'm glad that I read yours.
Though I'm a firm believer in God,I like your view of thanking a tree,nature,etc for whatever you get,not god.
all I can say is keep blogging.I'll love to read through

carra said...

Jayant, thank you for your honest comment. I certainly will keep on blogging. Hope to see you back again!

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