Wednesday, September 23, 2009


that is the worst thing to get when you work in a kind of employment that absolutely bars you from work if you have a flu. and i am the idiot with the flu. this time i have a full monty. headache check. runny nose check. sore throat check, burning eyes check. popping ears check. chest ache check. symptoms of a cough coming check.
one thing i do not have is high temperature. this is one those really weird things, i can be sick as a zombie with a lung infection, but never have temperature. that used to be very inconvenient when as a child i was trying to prove to my mother that i am unwell! as always the good old reliable thermometer would come out and tell that i am absolutely fine. my head aches so much i want to bang it against the wall.
i have to be at work tuesday, i have to travel back on saturday how can i do all this when i only have today and tomorrow to recover. by the way i am already drinking milk with honey and rinsing my mouth with warm salt water. i can't take most of the anti-flu remedies as they include medication for high temperature which i do not have. life is so unfair.


Angela in Europe said...

Oh wow, I am so sorry to hear that. I hate having the flu. It completely wipes me out for days on end.

Richard said...

The fever medication is an aanalgesic (acetaminophon, ASA, or ibuprofen). There should be no problem in taking it even if you have no fever - it can help with aches.

Of cours,e by now, you should be feeling better.

On thing I like to do when sick is to lie in bed with a hot water bottle on my chest. I find it really helps to relive symptoms. I also think (but have no scientific evidence) is that it helps one recover faster too. Here is my theory: the heat stimulate blood flow to the chest area, which helps to bring in white blood cells to fight the infection. The heat also helps to inhibit the biological processes of the virus or bacteria. I always keep a leg outside the cover to keep from overheating.

CG said...

I hate the flu too Angela I am one of those annoying people who are convinced that by denying it I will get better quicker.

I do like the theory about the hot water bottle Richard, and even though I do hope I will not get a flu anytime soon I will test this technique once I do just to see if it works. What you said makes sense blood flow to the chest area etc etc. I don't think we always have to come up with rocket science explanations for things, common sense is just as good.

Richard said...

well, if you remember, in the past, they used to apply hot plasters to the chest when one was sick.

CG said...

I do remember those plasters they were great! I wonder if I could still buy them somewhere...

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