Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fighting it

Quit smoking - accomplished.

Now I have to deal with all the weight I have gained and the new eating habits I have developed. Still if I can quit smoking I can certainly gain control over my diet. I have to learn to eat well and healthy and to work out So far I am doing sit ups but I hope to work this further. Maybe finally I will gt round to learning some of that yoga stuff. My friends have been trying to talk me into doing some of that for ages. One step at the time though.
Cigarettes are gone out of my life, now I have to get rid of all the unwanted weight.


Richard said...

THere are two tricks I use. One is to never go wothout eating to the point of being famished. Always nibble on something low calorie when hungry (An apple does it for me).

Two, eat low calorie, but bulky food (Cabbage and tomatoes are my favourite).

CG said...

Yes! That certainly works, normally I eat a lot of apples they keep me happy and my stomach stops growling. I am little bit cautious with cabbage though it does have some side effects...

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