Saturday, August 15, 2009

One month of

... no smoking.

I am officially a non smoker now. I can't believe I quit. I always liked so smoking so much. I still do. It is simply better financially not to smoke.
I did not quit smoking for my health. Because if I will get cancer I will get it anyway I have enough cancer genes in my family anyway. It wasn't that. I quit purely out of financial reasons and I do not think smoking is bad.
Yes smoking kills
but so does
writing (think Hemingway)
in fact no matter what you do or do not do you will die. After all it would be nicer to have a reason to die rather than just die completely healthy.
Still I am a non smoker now.
No going back.


Richard said...

Congratulations! But still definat I see.

I know you've posted some additional updates (which I'll get to eventually).

Funny how so many decisions in life are fiscally driven.

CG said...

Thank you Richard tomorrow it will be three months and I am a non smoker. In fact I do not really want to start again as it was a hell trying to quit. Yes finances (or the lack of them) can encourage u to do great things.
In fact this was one of the best things i ever did to save money!

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