Sunday, August 09, 2009

interesting things

one can find some interesting things about themselves if they google their name.
In fact some things one may find they did not even know about, like the thing in the screenshot. Before tonight I was blissfully unaware of it's existence and from tonight it stays here on my blog. What does it change? Nothing. I simply find it curious.
Life has weird ways of showing us what to do.
Tomorrow will be a long day for me but i can't sleep. I wish I could but I can't. I wish sometimes I could just close my eyes and I wonder of to the land of fairy tales and beauty. I feel weird like I am not myself. Maybe I am simply tired. I FEEL INSPIRED TO WRITE still I do not seem to feel or find the right subject to write about. Since I completed my first rubbish novel I haven't even attempted to write a book! Why?
Surely there are words enough to tell different stories,, but do I have the different stories with those overflowing words. Maybe I simply do not have anything to say in my life. Maybe I never will.

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