Sunday, July 19, 2009

Midnight thoughts on euthanasia

Euthanasia should be at least given as an option for those who are terminally ill. We do not chose whether to be born or not, we should be allowed to chose whether we want to die or not. I known a few people who died of cancer and if they could have done without a doubt all of them would have at least considered that option. Being alive is no fun when the skin peels of your tongue, and you can not not breath without a breathing machine and all you can do is roll your eyes and wait for death.


Vesper de Vil said...

i am in support of euthanasia.

Richard said...

I think people should be allowed to die with dignity, but euthanasia is not part of it - it is a cop out.

It may well be that the way we comfort people in their last days, hastens their death, but I am ideologically opposed to any form of murder - unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

Giving a dose of morphine that is lethal is different from giving a lethal does of morphine.

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