Friday, May 01, 2009

The Story Of Stuff

This is a very short film, everyone should watch at least once. If you haven't heard of it until now, here is your chance to see it, if you can be bothered to watch it here, you can go to the orginal website and watch it there. This little film can make you think if you are not conscious or aware of the cost to the world, people and environment that the production of everything charges. In fact the cost is so high, one can never really realise what to do. Recycling is good but not enough, sustainability is also good but also not enough. In fact most of our currently offered solutions are no longer enough and there aren't any better ones coming. I think moving back to basics could be enough, though it does frighten the living light out of people. I am not talking about giving your computer or car up. It's a combination of things and the best way to move away from the consumerist world is to become independent, go off grid. That is really scary stuff indeed because we are brought up by the society to be unable to be off grid. We are born into debt, we can not get out of it, we are enslaved by our work to pay our eternal debt. It doesn't matter whether you own a credit card or not, whether you have a mortgage or not, the first piece of clothing or even a nappy is your first debt and no it is not to your parents but to the world. The world that is being destroyed just to please and entertain the greediness of our. I do not exclude myself from this. I was born into debt too. I need stuff, the same way as every body else does, but in comparison to other families of the same income I live rather poorly. I do not own a TV, DVD player or home entertainment system of any sort. I probably have less electricals than most families in Lithuania. I am happy about that, but I am still far from being independent of that debt that I was born into, and to be honest I do not know if I will ever come out of that debt.

Anyway watch this great short movie and think, then do something.

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Vesper de Vil said...

I'm slightly more optimistic. I work in sustainability and I read of new practices and technologies every day. It's been enlightening and has given me hope. We can only move forward. :)

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