Friday, April 24, 2009

It's over

The long and nasty week is over. I have had the most ungrateful time at work and everywhere I could turn. I am exhausted and need rest. I have so much to do and so little will power to force myself to do anything. I had a nap and that is where my rest and looking after myself ended, though I must admit I have consumed rather a lot of green tea in the past five days.
My body and mind are tired, but my wanting to write is more alive than ever, unfortunately I have no energy to scramble my grasshopper mind together to turn it into something good.
Maybe a good nights sleep will help, but deep inside I know that in the morning all the inspiration will be gone and replaced by devastation of doing nothing while it was there. I don't know why I chose the path of a writer when I know that I will never be satisfied enough with anything I do. In fact I can not allow myself to focus on writing, because I'm so self conscious.

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jayant said...

Hello Carra!
I got a strange feeling after reading your post and I am not ready to believe that it was you who wrote this. I have followed your writer life and I draw inspiration from it, given the number of publications you have under the belt. Sometimes life might not be easy but still, I am sure you will bounce back. Nothing better than a good night's sleep to help you organize your thoughts and get going again.
All the best

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