Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Need: Bamboo handle bag

I have slept 15 hours non stop. I do not know why, but I needed that sleep. So I slept had a shower and now I am all like a new person.

Bamboo handle bag is one of the items I need. I had one, but Millie had a bite of it, and it is not suitable for carrying anymore. I prefer natural material, bamboo handle bags rather than the plastic rubbish they sell in the shops here. So my idea is to make one myself. I know where I can buy the bamboo and the cheap natural material. I could make a few bags in different colours to suit my moods. They are very environmentally friendly and handy for carrying the shopping.

I don't think these could make a fashion statement as they are, but with the right accessories and a bit of skill nothing is impossible. I will update on my making the bamboo handle bag as soon as I will make one, but for now it goes in the NEED list.

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