Monday, March 16, 2009


I always wanted to have beautiful handwriting, but I was never quite able to achieve the wanted result, no matter how much practice. Purchasing an ink pen has helped immensely as I was able to slow down and stop scribbling. In fact these days I only use an ink pen, as that keeps my handwriting tidy, however, that doesn't stop me on trying to write nicer and no matter how much I try it doesn't get better.
In fact sometimes when I try at something really hard it just gets worse and not better. Obviously my lack of patience doesn't help me and often I have given up on my great projects because I got bored. I lose interest quickly, but then I can regain it just as quickly. Like with learning French. Before moving to France I studied really heavily for three months, then relaxed, then got bored, then had no choice but to learn as I was in France, then the interest came back, and so it comes and goes in roundabouts with everything.

With calligraphy it is the same, it still doesn't stop me admiring beautiful handwriting. My husband keeps telling me, that I have taught myself to write quite beautifully, still, I think I will never be pleased, just like those girls who have curly hair and want them straight!
My mother used to laugh at my handwriting for years, because I used to draw and paint, and even draw with ink. Some of my creations were quite beautiful, but I could never sign beautifully at the bottom, it always looked awkward as though someone had twisted my arm to do it!

These beautiful samples of handwriting I, as always, have nicked of the mighty google and as always I forgot to take down the link of the website where they came from. These three samples represent something I can not achieve (yet), no matter how much I keep trying this kind of writing seems to be unattainable for what ever reason there may be. Just before you start wondering, I do not draw anymore, I never had the talent so I moved on to photography, which somehow later led to writing. My dream was to capture the human soul and I realised it will be impossible for me to do with a pencil or a camera. These days, I believe, that the best way to capture human soul is to write it down, and then all the future generations will be able to find it. It has been done a million times with ugly and pretty handwriting!

P.S. Weird fact: My beloved author Ernest Hemingway always had a problem spelling the word TOMORROW.

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