Tuesday, January 20, 2009


During the weekend I ventured somewhere where nobody as poor as me should be allowed to look... Sweetpea & Willow are definitely not for my pocket!
Anyway these people are not paying me to promote them so I won't, but I simply wanted to point out how obsessed this week I am with colour Pink. For example I know that I would have nowhere to put these ridiculous pieces of furniture, not that I could afford them anyway, as they would look ridiculous in my apartment, but pink is the girlie colour and I'm a girl that never owned anything pink until she turned 18 or so.
Anyway it is not about not being allowed to wear pink. Lately I have been curious about furniture and so I have looked at it, the sad part now is that I keep dreaming (at night) of myself making furniture, how weird. I can put an IKEA chest of drawers together, but believe me I am no carpenter.
As I was growing up, the plans for my future were to be an interior deisgner, of course not by me, but by my mother, I had to learn the science of colour coordinating and other useless stuff (it seemed useless to me at the time) so that when I graduate school, I could go to institute of arts and become an interior designer, well that as we all know did not happen. Still the proffession of interior designer seems quite lovely, even though I would never be a good one, no matter what rules about colour coordination I know, most of the time I have been to poor to apply them. Even now when I live in my lovely (according to Lithuanian standards) beige apartment I feel like my hands are tied, my husband detests anything bright, and the last purchase of super bright bedclothes ended up, in... the trunk. That is where we hide all the unwanted stuff, into the trunk it went and never came out, until I purchased, guess what? Beige bed clothes, I'm so sick of beige, and all the other colours that go with it! So this probably explains my current obsession with pink, it doesn't even have to bright, as long as it is not beige....

What a lovely chair, but pity about the vase or whatever it is called, as it requires one to live in the castle or a mansion to be able to put it in your house and not look stupid.

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Maggie May said...

i love your last post on wanting to bang your head because you aren't writing half as well as you can.
:) i'm a writer/poet/blogger too and i hear ya.

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