Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I'm sinking ...

and not even the little pleasures of life seem to be worthy life rafts. I am sorry to all the people whom I was meant to write to, I'm sorry for not having anything done, I'm busy feeling sorry for myself as there is no life boat coming for me. I am quite happy just to give in and go under. My survival instincts are basically dead.


Richard said...

Oh dear.

We all feel like that. Personally, I think you are too young to be experiencing these types of feelings.

I know, I did not experience them until I was in my mid-30s or so.

You knwo it will pass. What you need is sleep. I know it might sound like silly advice, but, at least in my case, lack of sleep is a trigger for this type of sinking feeling.

Although, it has been 5 days now, so maybe you are feeling better.

Eating well also helps. Sometimes I find I have a real hunger for some food (usually pears) that I was not aware of.

CG said...

You have pin pointed all my problems Richard, I do not sleep enough, I do not eat healthy food II only eat the food I can afford.

I am constantly tired not because I am doing too much but because I never rest my body or my mind. That is where the sinking feeling came from. Now I am pulling out of projects, cutting it down, giving myself less reasons to lose my sleep.

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