Friday, January 09, 2009


These days because my blog appears to be quite decent I receive all sorts of e-mails, asking me to write about something or to put a logo on my site. One of these e-mails was received from Firstly I am not receiving any payment for doing this, they are simply asking if I would be willing to do it. Which most of the time I do say yes and then am not able to find time to write about it. is a photo competition site, and not just any photo competition, but pet photo competition, which obviously being a dog lover I adore. I know, I do not share the pictures of my dogs often enough, but it's only because I have this greedy form of love. I do not want to share them!
Anyway so this site has this really nice thing (photo competition!) and you can win money, so they say, if you stick your favourite photo of your pet online. Anyway not to go bisserk I do see some flaws, for example you can not enter unless you are in US, I don't like that it is simply unfair, as it yet again narrows the vision of people who live in US, as they must think the rest of the world simply doesn't exist!
Anyway it is super cute site and if you adore pets, all sorts of pets, you should go there and see just for the pictures alone!


Richard said...

I occaisionaly get those types of e-mails. Of e-mails from people who want to swap links (the more links your website has, the better it is ranked - and page ranking is very important if you want to get page hits, which then, hopefully, translates into people clicking on the ads on your page).

CG said...

Well if anything else, those e-mails should show you that some people like your blog, otherwise why would they want to swap links?

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